About the Blog: Imagine Lace was created on February 20, 2013. I was inspired by multiple blogs. I loved to visit a beauty/fashion blog with an "OOTD" and read all about it. When I created my blog, I thought it'd be a place for me to talk about fashion, beauty, and reviews but I'd also like to be able to talk about other things like art, design, books, fitness, and well, my life in general. So keep in mind that I may stray from fashion and make-up, and hopefully people will still enjoy reading my blog. :)

I always follow back, and I always will! Leave your blog link in a comment and I will be sure to check it out... And always check back because I will reply to every comment, unless I choose to reply directly on your blog. :)

About the blogger: My name is Ashley Stephens, I'm a senior in high school and I live in Canada. I'm hoping to pursue Graphic Design and traditional arts in post-secondary. I love all things cute, vintage and cats. I also like to watch TV and movies, read, paint, draw, go to the gym, dress up, hang out with friends/my boyfriend, and just talk about things.

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