Thursday, 21 March 2013

First Haul :)

I haven't been shopping for a while because I'm broke, but a few weeks ago my mom gave me $100 to shop after we went prom dress shopping. Gosh, she spoils me. So my friend and I went shopping and here's some stuff I bought, and also a few things I bought a little while before then when I still had some money.

I like this store because they have a lot of cute clothes and basics, and generally have sales going on most of the time. I really do not like their change rooms, though and some clothes they sell have strange sizes. The store seems to be aimed at teenagers, but sometimes their clothes fit really weird or are super small. To sum up my purchase, I bought a nice black, lace bustier dress for graduation day (to wear under my gown), a grey crop tee, a pastel purple oversized top, and two belt sets! Each item was $5!

I like the crop tee, it looks so nice with high waist skirts! I'm not sure if I love it on my body type, but it's still cute. I think I'm going to wait until there's no snow on the ground before I wear it in public, though.  

This dress is so pretty. It was the last one there, otherwise I probably would have tried on one size larger.. it fits fine, but despite my having a very small bust it just feels awkward in the cup area. It looks nicer when I don't wear a bra. The lace is adorable and I really like the overlay on the skirt. It looks super cute accessorized with the belts I bought from the store too! 

This lavender coloured top fits nicely and is very comfortable. It's definitely tough to wear though... I find it looks alright with a black undershirt, or a black bandeau/nude bra. It's nice and light and perfect for summer.

I bought the belt sets in size small, thinking they were waist belts, but apparently they're hip belts! This is okay for the braided ones, because I can just part the braid and use it as a hole. But for the basic belts, I had to poke new holes. I ended up ripping part of the pink belt, barely using any strength. They weren't very good quality but it's to be expected. I still really like these belts.

I was pretty impressed with the quality of the few items I bought at this store. I found a black skirt, which I suppose is considered a circle skirt or flared skirt? I'm not really sure. I also bought some new black boots as mine are falling apart after almost 2 years of use... and some nail polish! 

 This skirt is so nice. It looks great with everything I've tried on with it so far. It's a little weird to wear to school because when I sit in a chair, it spreads out and loses the "creased look" so it kinda like, capes over my chair? Hah! Still really cute. It was $22.

 I fell in love with these boots the moment I saw them.. I forgot to even check the size and just bought them! "Luckily" they were size 8 and I'm 7.5, 8 in boots.. so I asked for scissors to cut the elastic so I could trash my old boots which were literally falling apart... but of course these new ones kill my feet. :( However... I am very impressed with the grip and I love the side zippers. I'm just hoping that they will "stretch out" considering they're new and they're leather, so maybe I just need to break them in. They were only $30, so it's not a huge deal either way.

I bought two nail polishes for $5 total. One is the colour Rose and the other is Silver. I really love these, especially the silver. Here are a few ways I've used them so far!

Before I went to this mall a couple hours away and bought the items above, I went to Ardene's in our own mall. I had about $10 and this is what I bought. The leggings were bought for me from my best friend as a late Christmas present.

Pink and black floral leggings and polkadot tights! These are so cute. I've had a bit of trouble finding things to wear with the leggings, but my go-to outfit is a baggy black sweater and a pink lacey scarf to go with them. They're slightly see-through so I have to wear a long shirt with them. The tights are perfect.

I got some scrunchies as well, and they're super cute. I grabbed that spongy thing which is meant to assist us girls with our top-knot buns... my hair seems a bit too short or thin to really cover all of it right now, so I'm going to wait until it grows some more before attempting to wear it in my hair to school again. 

It seems I always choose to take pictures on days where my hair looks horrid :P Haha


  1. I love those nail polishes so pretty, and your blog is super pretty too!
    Little Miss Stylista