Saturday, 13 April 2013

Forever 21: Cute Cosmetic Bags!

I recently discovered some really cute makeup bags on Forever 21 and I wanted to make a post about them, because a couple of you commented on my floral makeup bag from my past post "What's in my makeup bag?" and thought it was cute! Forever 21 is actually a really nice website for beauty accessories because they're so cheap, but adorable. I've found that so far, the quality has been pretty good too, so that's great. Anyway, here are some pretty cosmetic bags!

1. Metallic Heart Bag
2. Glittered Fresh Toiletry Bag
3. Brush and Bag Set

 1. Quilted Bag
2. Quilted Pouch

1. Cat Print Bag
2. Cat Print  Pouch
3. Cat Mirror Compact

 1. French Bulldog Bag
2. French Bulldog Pouch
3. French Bulldog Mirror Compact

 1. Polka Dot Case
2. Polka Dot Pouch
3. Polka Dot Bag
4. Lipstick Print Mirror Compact

 1. Large Polka Dot Bag
2. Polka Dot Bag

 1. Striped Bag
2. Striped Pouch

 1. Long Striped Bag
2. Striped Bag
3. Floral Makeup Mirror Compact

 1. Perfume Print Bag
2. Small Perfume Print Bag

 1. Patent Rose Bag
2. Patent Rose Case
3. Floral Rose Mirror Compact

1. Rosebud Bag
2. Rosebud Pouch
3. Rosebud Mirror Compact
4. Heart-Shaped Rosebud Compact

 1. Hearts & Lipstick Bag
2. Lipstick Darling Mirror Compact

I included some compacts as well because I think they're adorable. A lot of the bags have matching accessories that go with them (like tweezers and compacts.)
The bags come in 2-3 different colours, so I tried to show that off as well. I'm going to include a picture of a compact I've bought in the past, which is similar to the Floral Rose compact, but has a slightly different pattern and colours. :) I love it! In case anyone doesn't know, or is curious - when opened the compact is two mirrors.

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Ash :)


  1. Super cute! I keep seeing all the cute makeup bags every time I go in there but I already have a makeup bag so I don't need one just yet. They're all super adorable though!


    1. I know what you mean.. I actually have 4 makeup bags haha. And I'm getting the cat bags for my birthday probably! So I should be able to get rid of my older bags. :) thanks for the comment Athena!

  2. They're all so pretty! Love the one with the perfume bottles .) Great post!

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite

  3. Omg the french bulldog bags are sooo cute I love those dogs can't believe they are forever 21 I will be taking a trip there! xo


    1. Awesome! :) thanks for following and leaving a comment, I've followed back <3

  4. I went to forever 21 the other day and couldn't find any nice ones like these! Must just be me!
    Chloe xxxx

    1. Aw! Well I did find them online on their Canadian website because we don't have a store near where I live. :)

  5. Forever 21's check-out distractions are so bad (or maybe good ?) ! I always end up buying a little something while queueing up at the tills, and I love their make-up bags so I quite often pick one up, I have so many of them >__<" And their tote bags, they are all so cute !

    1. I've actually never been in a Forever 21! Just shop online. That's so funny c: