Monday, 29 April 2013

Overnight Trip/ Haul!

Hey everyone. :) (and a special hello to my new followers who discovered me through Athena at Modestly Sophisticated). Yesterday I got home from a little trip with some friends to Alberta, to celebrate mine and Kisha's 18th birthday (in the middle, wearing pink!). We had so much fun shopping, swimming, and just hanging out at the hotel. With the help of my amazing family and friends I had gathered over $300 in birthday cash... so I bought a lot! This post may be sliiightly image-heavy.

The girls and I before we went out for our fancy dinner date!

I bought two crop tops at Stitches, and I was able to buy the white top I had wanted last time we were at this mall - but instead bought it in grey. I love the mint lace one so much, it'll be nice to wear with some high-waisted bottoms! I think these were both roughly $10-15 each.. I threw out the price-tags at the hotel :(

I finally gave in to the "stud trend", I suppose! I saw a lot of studded stuff that I loved, but I especially liked this top because it's baggy and it's something I can throw on when I'm feeling lazy, or dress up when I'm not, but either way it'll look nice! :) I bought this at Stitches for $10.


I bought this pastel purple bikini at Stitches as well, for $10!

I bought this super cute baby pink, lace-back top at Suzy Shier.

 In a last-minute, desperate panic I searched the mall for some shorts I could wear swimming, finally buying this pair from Aeropostale which were over-priced and a size too big.. but they worked fine! I'm hoping I can get them to shrink a bit in the wash. I can't remember the exact price but they were over $20 for sure.

Does this dress look a bit familiar...? Yeah, I recently received a cute top similar to this in colour and pattern - but this pattern is squares, not polka dots. ;) We had a plan to all wear cute dresses out to dinner and I really fell in love with this one, so I had to have it. I also bought this mint crossbody clutch which I NEEDED. The clutch was about $25 and the dress must have been about $50 because I ended up spending $77 at the store (Smart Set) in total. I was pretty surprised at the prices actually. Shh, I did take a picture while trying them on.. but I bought 'em!

 Here's a closer look at the clutch, which is a bit faded in this picture. It has two zippered pouches and a third unzippered, all with a cute beige and white polka dot fabric inside! This clutch broke the day I bought it, but luckily I was able to fix it..
This black crossbody bag I literally took off of the mannequin at Garage because it was the cheapest one I could find in the mall, and the last one at the store! I was so happy with this purchase. It was on sale for $15 roughly. 


These high waist shorts in "romance pink" were almost $40... but I just really loved them and how they fit so I bought them anyway. They're also from Garage.

Yet another crop top, this one from Garage! I think it's very cute and I'll probably wear it in substitution of a bandeau.

 I made my first purchase at The Body Shop! I got new foundation, black eyeliner and a bright pink lipstick for $30. I am pretty happy with them all.


The first pair of high-waisted shorts are from Suzy Shier. They have this cool texture to them that is almost like faux leather but I can't remember what it's called! They were $25. The other pair is from Winners and I bought them because I thought they fit nicer, and would be nice for summer. The first pair is definitely something I'd wear at night or to tone down a very "little girl-like" outfit, but the second pair really can be worn with anything. They were $17, but $34 originally. 

I also bought this cute baby blue nail polish at Winners for about $7, only realizing later that I probably could have found something similar at Walmart for $1-5 :P

These adorable light pink sunglasses were actually my first purchase. I bought them at Claires for about $12 I think. I look how they aren't shiny :)

 I also received a birthday present while we were there from Faith (the redhead)! She bought me some wide paintbrushes which I really needed, and a type of paint I've never used before called "gouache", which I had to google. "Gouache paint is similar to watercolor but modified to make it opaque" - Wikipedia. Cool!

More presents I received from my lovely friends/family...

The cute earrings and vintage-style necklace, as well as the water bottle were from Nakisha! The Ardene giftcard is from my boyfriends lovely mother, and the $30 cheque from my grandma, which she sends to me every year for my birthday but I'm pretty sure she stops after age 18. The bit of top there is the same one I mentioned above, which was from my good friend Tanisha, who also very generously gave me $40 to spend in GP. It was too bad she couldn't go with us.

 This top is from Sarah, the girl above, wearing the black shirt and glasses :) it's from Suzy Shier! Super cute. I'm so grateful for all the presents I received this year. I usually don't really get anything for my birthday so I feel really spoiled. I also have another present coming from my friend, Becky which I suppose she'll be giving me tomorrow! Ahh! :P I also bought a couple of other things I didn't bother putting in this post, like a bra and a Mother's Day present, which I may make a post about later :) Thanks for reading!


  1. i hope you enjoyed your birthday <3
    very cute picks!

  2. Everything you got was so cute! It sounds like you had a great time, happy belated birthday! c

    1. I agree haha, can't wait for summer. Thanks a lot!! <3