Monday, 24 June 2013

Get Ready with Me: Prom!

Good evening guys.. as promised here's my post all about my prom! I had a wonderful time getting ready and taking pictures, but prom itself was a bit lame (not bad though!) I actually had a pretty great night. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to get pictures of myself getting ready. My hair appointment took way longer than expected and then I had to rush home and get my makeup done quickly to meet my friends at a park for pictures before the event itself. So even though I had planned on going into more detail on stuff, I was really pushed for time! Even so, this post might be kind of lengthy.

Pinning the Boutonniere on Nolan

I'm going to start this off talking about the "spa night" my friends and I had before prom. It was great because I was able to try out some masks and products I had wanted to try out for awhile, and I also got some practice doing pedicures which I learned how to do on my first training day at my new job. One product I was very excited to try was "Grease Lightning" from Lush, which I used as a spot treatment, and it really helped to decrease the size and redness of my breakout overnight. I also used this peel-off mask, which contained aloe but I can't remember what else, or what it was called :( but it was bought at Walmart... does your Walmart have a little section near the makeup with a bunch of $1-5 masks as well?

Just being silly in our aloe masks..

I stuck on some fake nails that night as well, but waited until the next morning to paint them. I had originally planned on going natural with my nails, because I have pretty long nails generally but of course one broke off completely like two days before prom.. so I had to go buy some, boo! Anywho, for nails I was inspired by some pictures I found on Google of silver sparkle gradient nails - like this:

Image found on this blog

Firstly, I painted the nails with a coat of "Shell We Dance complete salon manicure" by Sally Hansen (the pink). I then applied two layers of the silver SUZY (Suzy Shier) sparkles, which are very small and spread out. I focused the second layer towards the tip to start the gradient. Afterwards, I applied my Essie polish in "Set in Stones" on the tips, and spread it a bit downwards to complete the gradient. Lastly, I applied a Revlon matte top coat which created a really interesting effect - it made my nails almost look like gel nails, and toned down the shine of the sparkles. 


 Next, my hairstyle was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest, and I believe the original pinner is Caitlind Hansen.. she didn't include a link to the where she found it, though. I asked my hair stylist to base the hairstyle around the picture, and brought her some flowers we cut off stems which we bought from Walmart, then glued onto bobby pins. We also bought some baby's breath from the shop where we bought our corsage and bouteniere from (The Flower Hut).

I wasn't crazy about the hairstyle on me at first - she kept slicking my bangs back so I asked her if she could cut them, hoping she would separate them after and that it would help me to like the style more. It didn't help, but I went home and fixed my bangs with my straightener and added more baby's breath, and I really loved the up-do a lot! She did a great job considering my hair is thinner than it appears.

The makeup I used - decided to go for a natural look, just brown eyeshadow as usual and a bit of red blush. I forgot my eyeliner (also from the body shop) in this picture but I included it in a couple past posts before. Sorry for dirtiness.. didn't have time to make it all pretty!

Clutch (unknown), hairclips (Walmart), 
bracelet (Walmart), earrings (Forever 21)

Heels (Good 2 Go Shoes) borrowed from a friend!
These were easy to walk in but my feet hated them after 
an hour of waiting in line just to get into the building.

Beautiful corsage from The Flower Hut - slightly disappointed 
that it had already began to die before we picked it up.. $40

That pretty much sums up the part of the day where I got ready! (badly) but hopefully the pictures will make up for it.. I think they're pretty cute. Plus you can see my prom dress now - the most important part ;)

 Best friends :)

 More hair pics

And that's all! I might look a bit tired from having stayed up past 3 AM the night before :P And just in case some newer readers don't know, my date is my boyfriend Nolan. It was actually our 2 years 1 month anniversary that day... but who's counting? Yeah.. I can't help it, every month on the 22nd I go "that's another month!" Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed :) Link me to your prom post if you have one!


  1. You look beautiful! Your hair is lovely :)

    Can't believe it's been 8 years since my school prom!

    Lola @

    1. Thanks so much Lola (assuming that's your name!) :) that's crazy! Hope you made some good memories.

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  4. You look so pretty!!! Love your dress and your hair(: Btw, thanks for the comment on my blog Ashley! What hair oil is it that you use for the frizz? I would love to know!


    1. Thanks so much Athena! I use Moroccan argan oil from Organix. You can find it at Walmart or Shoppers Drugmart, or a similar store probably. Any argan oil does the trick, really. It gives you soft, shiny and healthy looking hair :) I love it!

  5. you look so amazing in the prom outfit!
    love the dress and hair

    style frontier

  6. You looked amazing at your prom! I LOOOVE the flowers in your hair, very cute and unique!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog!

    hope you do it! ^_^

    1. Thanks so much.. :) lateish reply.. been super busy with work lately :( I think I'll make a post with the last few Liebster award nominations ;)