Thursday, 18 April 2013

Monthly Boxes that are Worth It!

I spent last night searching the internet for neat monthly box packages, which include anything from makeup, to clothes or healthy snacks. As the name suggests, these are sent to you monthly as a nice little surprise! It's a good way to discover new brands and products and test them out. Usually they have really good deals, meaning the products in the box or bag could be a lot more expensive than the box itself! Here are some that I found to be worth the money.

Fashion/Beauty Boxes

1. Little Black Bag (a personal fave!)
First, you take a style quiz. Then you can reveal the other two items in your "little black bag", which you can then swap with other items, from other members if you don't like them! This bag delivers jewellery, accessories and beauty products to your door - and you get to pick the first item! Guys, there are items that you can pick that are worth up to $500, and you'd only be paying roughly $70. If you signup for VIP as you're checking out, you receive $14 off your purchase and a free VIP gift (VIP is $10/month) Also, there's a 10% off link in your first email after signup to the website. Only downside imo, is that trading happens after checkout - so what if you don't like any of the options? Though, that's probably unlikely!

2. Adore Me - a lingerie box

After signing up, you take a little "stylist quiz" which helps to choose some lingerie that's perfect for you. Every month, for about $40 you will receive a top quality underwear/bra/corset/sleepwear/bathing suit set of your choice! (includes top and bottom) You get 50% off your first purchase if you click the above link, and your 6th set is always free. Free shipping and exchanges as well!

Beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door for only $10/month! You will have to request an invite for a box first, then fill out a profile so they can hand-pick items that you'll love. It looks like they include around 5 products.

I seriously love this bag! You get 4-5 products in a cute, collectable makeup bag. :)
The little quiz when you sign up is the best I've taken so far, it made me really want to buy the bag with the questions it asked. Also it's only $10/month or $110/year! This bag actually looks to have more full-sized products than the Birch Box.. and free shipping!

  If you want to find a new eyeliner or lipstick (or any beauty product) to love and want to test some out first this is a good box! Also, there is a mother's day box, which is pretty cool. There may be 1-2 products in the glossy box that you don't really like from time to time, but that happens often with these kinds of boxes, and that's the beauty of it. Sometimes you'll find a product you LOVE, other times...meh!

Subscription options:
$21 - 1 Month ($15 today)
$60 - 3 Months
$155 - 6 Months
$220 - 12 Months

This is a $20/month DIY kit which could be anything from accessories, like a fashionable bracelet making kit/dyed scarf kit, to polka dot popcorn. Free shipping!

This is another fashion bag, which will often send handbags, shoes, or clothes worth much more than the bag itself! While checking out, you can also choose to donate to a charity (no extra fee). This bag also includes some free stuff, apparently. Here's a sneak peek. The starter bag is $60/month, but the products included are really expensive and high quality from what I can see!

Delivers 4-6 full sized premium products, hand-picked to match your preferences. Free shipping and returns. A single box is $40, but you can subscribe monthly for $36 (you can pause or cancel at any time)! The makeup is valued at $80-100. They also have a Jewellery box for the same price and value.

Includes 2-3 items for $49 - valued at up to $200 or  6-7 items for $149 - valued at up to $600. There are some pretty cute clothes to pick from (you pick the first item of the tote yourself if you choose first option, and two items if you chose the second).

Become a Maven on Julep if you like nail polish and beauty products! Your introductory/starter box ($20) will be sent to your doorstep after completing their style quiz. When you make this purchase, you become a Maven, which means you can earn referral points, add a button to your blog and enjoy 20% off all orders, as well as free shipping. Use code FREEBOX, and you will only have to pay shipping fee!

11. Ditsies

Ditsies sends a pair of underwear of your choice to you for $12/month, with 10% of the cost going towards a Women's cause! After purchasing an order you can start referring - you earn a free month of undies for each person you refer.

So there you have it! You may be thinking that it seems a bit ridiculous to spend money on random items, but I believe it gives us an opportunity to check out new products or styles that we may have never discovered on or own. Also, it sounds like it would be a nice surprise to look forward to every month, giving us beauty/fashion bloggers something to talk about! Let me know what you think :) Ash.

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