Friday, 19 April 2013

New Top :)

So I don't get new things very often because I'm broke and searching for a part-time job... I've applied to at least 10 places with no luck so far. :( But anyhow, yesterday I went to a little boutique with some friends after school to buy a birthday present for one of my best friends, as we're celebrating our birthdays together tomorrow night!

While we were there I found this adorable shirt and tried it on. It was actually on sale for about $15, originally only $30, which is probably the lowest price you find things in the store for unless they're on sale. Most things are between $50-200. The boutique is called Frolic and all of the clothes are seriously adorable. My best friend offered to buy it for me as a birthday present - yay! <3

I love the gold buttons down the back. It's a bit big for me but I don't mind if my tops are a bit baggy. I love this shirt because its seems kinda vintage, ya know.. and it's pretty and "sophisticated", but relaxed, which is nice. :) Here are some outfits I put together...

1. Bow back skirt from Forever 21 and skinny, black belt from Stitches.
2. Black leggings from Ardene and creme, braided belt from Stitches.
3. Scuba flared skirt from Suzy Shier and necklace from Walmart ;) 
(features a light coloured bird, pink and navy!)
 4. White rose studs from Ardene. 

 I bought the birthday girl this beautiful lace, lilac dress which I actually remember trying on months ago and thinking it looked a little off on me.. but when I tried it on again yesterday, I looked at the fit and I just could SEE it on her, it's perfect for her. 

Guys, before I end the post I would LOVE some advice. I really want to dye my hair but I'm just not sure if I should go darker or lighter. What do you think? And completely unrelated - it's April here, for sure. Around noon I was walking around outside without a jacket and it was sunny... hah! Hopefully this snow melts soon.

Okay, thanks for reading :) - Ash.


  1. i have a top similar to this from forever 21 and i never knew i could wear it like this :p
    you should go lighter <3
    if you're cautious you can always get ombre or a "bronde" look but make sure its done professionally because its the healthiest route!

    1. Cool! glad I could give ya some ideas ;D haha. I was actually thinking about doing a dark to light brown ombre but wasn't sure if I should let my hair grow out more :o Thanks Ashley <3

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    example of last month's "Share The Love" post:


    1. Aww that really made my day Athena! I'll email you :)

  3. The top looks fab chick, loving all the outfit options.
    Happy Birthday.



  4. Happy Birthday! Love the top, it looks great with the flowy skirt.
    I think you should go lighter! And if you're not so sure you could get some highlights to see if you like it :)

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite

    1. Hey Monica, thanks for stopping by! :) Hmm yeah, summer is just around the corner so I guess it'd be best to go lighter for sure!

  5. Love your polka dot top! x