Monday, 8 April 2013

My First OOTD

Hey guys! I decided to post about the outfit I wore today because it's one of my favourite outfits, except this is the first time I've tried to "neutralize" it. Today I paired my Forever 21 romper (which looks more like a long shirt/tunic) with navy blue leggings, an oatmeal coloured cardigan and a light brown scarf. I also wore my brown boots! Usually I wear my bright yellow cardigan with it and black leggings.

I decided that it was a bit hard to see the vibrancy of the pattern on the romper, so I grabbed my phone and took a couple more pictures. The buttons on the romper are actually navy blue, so I like to pair it with my navy blue leggings. I was trying to go for a bit of a spring time look, but it's still pretty cold where I live, with snow on the ground and all, so I have to dress a bit warm! But I think the floral pattern is a nice spring pattern. Paired with boots, a cozy cardigan and a scarf, this makes the romper a lot more cold climate appropriate!

Brown scarf - Ardene
Oatmeal cardigan - Bluenotes
Navy leggings - Ardene
Brown boots - Bullboxer
Romper - Forever 21


  1. Love this! Super pretty(:


  2. Really cute outfit!! :)

    Love Lucee xx