Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cotton Candy Nails / Featured Friday #4

Hi all :) Thought I should update. I'm still super stressed out and kinda wishing I could go back in time and start my homework sooner... I'll hopefully be back at school this coming week as I'm starting to be able to walk without pain, at least for a little while! The worst part about having blood clots is that people don't really realize that just because I'm not in the hospital, it doesn't mean I'm all better! I still have blood clots - my blood is just thinner now, to stop them from growing or spreading. We're still looking into possible causes.. could even be some kind of disease, and I may have to be on Warfarin (blood thinner) for the rest of my life! Anyway, moving on from the boring stuff ;) ...

I painted my nails this sweet candy pink colour from SUZY (suzy shier) which I do love, but it just felt kinda boring. So I gathered my other pastels and decided to add some polka dots. This is my first attempt and so they kinda, really suck... but I still like the three colours together. They remind me of cotton candy, hence this post's title! I used the end of a paintbrush at first, then decided to try the bristles which actually worked better.

And here is this week's wishlist,

1. Sweet Peter Pan Collar Chiffon Mini Dress - OASAP
I discovered this store recently, and I really like their stuff! This dress comes in a lot 
of different colours but this is my favourite, I love the baby blue collar.
2. Jacquard Hearts Black Tights - Romwe
These heart tights are so adorable! I think they look really cute with pink shoes.
3. Candy Color Skater Skirt in Light Pink - OASAP
I've seen a few beauty bloggers model this skirt (it comes in a lot of different colours) 
and the outfits you could make with it are just endless! Perfect basic skirt. 
4. Lace-Up Platform Heel Bootie in Nude - Charlotte Russe
I love booties, and these are just so nice. I like the nude colour - 
most of my shoes are black or brown and I'd love to switch it up. 
5. Feminine Bowknot Cream Blouse - Romwe
I think this blouse would look adorable with a skirt, and it's kinda office chic 
(did I just say that?) so it would be cute to wear when I get a job hopefully soon. 
6. Glass Heart Box - Urban Outfitters
It's pink and heart shaped.. what's not to love, right? 
I'd like to store my necklaces in this cute little box!
7. D.A.R.E. Muscle Tee - Forever 21
You may or may not already know this about me, but I am against all drug use and violence, and I always have been! I love D.A.R.E. and I wish I saved my shirts from elementary school.. but since I didn't, I hope this shirt is still on F21 next time I have money, 'cause I'd totally rock it. ;) 
8. Dark Pink Gold Quilted Bag - Windsor Store
Small, quilted bags with chain straps = my obsession right now. I want them all. 
And this one is pink so instant love of course. When did I become such a girly girl?
9. Makeup Forever HD Complexion Starter Kit - Sephora
Guys... did you see that Youtube video of that girl with really bad cystic acne who uses this foundation?! I freaked out and really wanted to buy it after seeing how smooth and pretty her skin looked. I feel like my skin is so rough and blotchy on my face, I wish I could find a foundation that makes me look airbrushed! 
10. RDG Ribbed Knit Beanie - Urban Outfitters
I've loved beanies and those little beanie beret-style hats for a while, but I just feel weird in hats, like they don't look right. But I used to feel the same way about scarves and now I love them, so I wouldn't mind trying hats out again when the weather gets cooler (which will happen in a few months lol - boo Canada).

Didn't quite make it - it's already Saturday now.. oops! Oh well, thanks for reading guys. Hope you enjoyed. Don't laugh too much at my failure polka dot nails. :)


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    1. Thanks Karen! Great blog, thanks for stopping by :)

  2. love your wishlist, those tights are adorable!

  3. I love your nails, I've got something similar on mine atm too! :) The pink skirt and the beanie are great as well. I've scrolled through some of your posts and I love your blog. You've got a new Bloglovin' follower from me. :)

    Heather xx

    1. Thanks Heather! I've looked through your blog and it's fantastic, I'll definitely follow back :)