Friday, 17 May 2013

Featured Friday #3

Hey guys! I thought I should update today with a wishlist because its relatively easy to do - yeah I'm a bit lazy right now to be honest! I'd like to make a post about my ideas for prom, so hopefully I can find some time to do that this coming week. I probably won't be going back to school, which is probably better because I still can't walk and didn't end up getting ANY work done this week as I've been so busy and exhausted with hospital stuff lately... just a little stressed. Things haven't really been going my way. I'm excited for this all to pass over and just be a memory! On to the featured items now...

I've actually decided to do this post a little different; I'd like to actually start talking about the items in my wishlist a bit - you know, why I want them and what not!

1. Mint Lace Skater Dress - dELiA*s
I love mint, floral, dresses and lace so this really is the perfect dress for me. I think it would look so cute with the tights next to it! 
2. Nude Heart Tattoo Tights - Windsor
These tights are adorable. I've seen a lot of similar tights, but I really like these especially because the hearts aren't on the knees, but just below! I love hearts.
3. Clarisonic Mia in Pink - Sephora
I know there's a lot of mixed reviews about these, but I still really want to try it out. My skin is not in the greatest condition and the good reviews on Sephora make me want this soooo bad. I think as soon as I have some money I'll for sure be purchasing one of these. I like the pink one the best!
4. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Urban Outfitters (and other stores)
I've heard good things about this dry shampoo, and I've never used one before but I really want one because I'm annoyed with braiding my bangs out of my face on Day 2 all of the time as they're kinda greasy! My hair hates me. 
5. Millennium Skinny Pant in Ivory - Charlotte Russe
I really want white pants, but ever since I started wearing leggings rather than jeans I just really prefer them to be honest. I like to be comfortable, and these look stylish and comfy! 
6. Ashella Seamfree Shorts in Black - Boohoo
I think these would be nice to have for multiple reasons - to wear under skirts and dresses, as pajamas, work-out wear, etc. 
7. Quilted Chain-Strap Crossbody Bag in Ivory - Charlotte Russe
Lately I love little bags as well as quilted bags! And the chain strap is super cute too.
8. Libby Suedette Heeled Ankle Boot in Black - Boohoo
I love these boots because I could wear them in summer and the heel isn't super high! These could add something to my more boring/comfy outfits... :P
9. Infinity Midi Ring - Urban Outfitters
I love the infinity symbol and how popular it is right now! I've never worn a midi ring and I don't really wear rings in general but I think this one is pretty cute.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend! Ash :)


  1. I have the pink Clarisonic Mia and it is amazing ! It is definitely worth the investment. I have pretty awful skin so I'm probably not the best spokesperson for this product because my skin is still bad, but it is definitely far better since I have used the Clarisonic. I saw they have a Mia 2 now though, so that might be worth looking into instead ?
    Also, I love the Batiste dry shampoo, I picked some up when I was in the UK (I can't find it in Canada but apparently they have it in the US?). I've tried quite a few dry shampoos and Batiste is by far the best ! I would for sure give it a try.
    Lovely post by the way, I look forward to next week's. c:

    1. Thanks Issy :) I was looking at the Mia 2 and I think it only comes with those patterns on it and I hear they're kinda sticker-like, so the solid colours sound better to me! I haven't looked for a dry shampoo in my city but I'd be surprised if I could find a decent one! Glad you liked the post :)

    2. Oh really ? The ones I saw on their website were solid colours, maybe we're looking in different places. Either way it's a brilliant product ! Yeah, I got one from Sephora by the brand Cake because it was on sale. It smells really nice, but doesn't work well at all, so yeah, go with Batiste for sure ! I'm glad you posted, I hope you're feeling better, are you home from the hospital now ?

    3. Oh yeah, I was looking at it on Sephora :) Yup I'm being treated at home! Still in a lot of pain but I'll be better in no time. Thank you!

  2. The Batiste dry shampoo is really great, especially the one for dark hair, whoich means i can use as much as i need without looking grey. I would also really rocomend the Tony&Guy dry shampoo too. I'm not sure whether thats easier to get in the US or not being from the UK but its definitly compareable with Batiste although a little priceier over here.

    1. Yeah I'd love to try it! I'm not from the US either, but I'll see if I can order it online, thanks :)