Saturday, 15 June 2013

June Favourites

Hey everyone. :) I'm happy to say that my kind-of-hiatus will be over shortly. I just finished presenting my final project of the year today (or so I thought... turns out I have just one more project to complete and then I am done! Well.. my Law & English exams next week as well. Next Saturday is Prom and I'm going to hopefully put up a "Get Ready with Me: Prom" post! And in other news, I kinda sorta got a job! Or at least I'll start training next week and we'll see if I'm fit for the job... which is a receptionist position at a local beauty bar. Really hoping it works out! Anyway, I know I haven't been posting Featured Fridays, but it seems like that's all I ever really post lately so I want to skip it every once in awhile, and instead I'm going to gather up the products I enjoyed this month and do some short reviews!

Okay, so first of all - my favourite of them all is the Moroccan Argan Oil from Organix. It smells beautiful, makes my hair feel silky smooth and doesn't make my hair greasy even on day 2. I've heard so many good things about Moroccan oil I just had to try this out for myself. I like to mix my L'oreal Argan oil into it as well, hoping it'll last longer this way. I for sure recommend this - it's not super expensive and you can find it at Walmart or Shoppers (at least, in Canada).

Next up is the Revlon Frost & Glow dye. We bought this for my cousin to put some subtle highlights in my hair before prom (with foils), but she backed out so my mom helped me out and we did it with the cap. I didn't leave it in longer than 20 minutes because I didn't want a huge difference, like on the box. I think it turned out pretty nice - not super noticeable (had to tell my girl friends I dyed it before they noticed).

Here's a before & after - also no product in 
hair in first pic, but have the oil in the second!

My third fave is this Tea Tree Oil face cleanser from The Body Shop. I bought this years ago and stopped using it, because at the time my acne was a lot worse and (for whatever reason, I can't remember) I didn't think it was helping. Now my skin seems to be used to Cetaphil right now, so I decided to switch products for a bit and now I'm thinking I might just continue until I'm all out of this cleanser! It feels so nice on my skin, almost like tooth paste for the face; kinda tingly in a good way, and I enjoy the fresh smell. I broke out in a few spots due to stress from school and other things, and this totally saved me. It reduces the pimples in just a couple of days at most and the rest of my face is smooth and spotless. Only downside is that its apparently quite drying, but I haven't really noticed because I have a bit of an oily complexion and I moisturize every morning after washing.

Lastly, for makeup related products - I'm loving my Avon lipstick in Teak Rose. I recently discovered that I had some Avon lipsticks in my bag which my aunt or mom must have given to me at some point. I never really wore lipstick until this year but I'm loving the ones I've tried! Also, this Essie luxeffects multi dimension top coat in Set in Stones is gorgeous. I'm using it for my prom nails - so I'm not including a picture in this post but just take my word for it.. if you're looking for silver sparkles of all different sizes with almost a "jewel" effect, then this nail polish is perfect. Next is my black eyeliner also from The Body Shop. I love this eyeliner, it glides on smoothly and does a nice little wing. And last but not least, is my new cat print compact from Forever21! I also got one in pink, and these were gifted to me by my boyfriend's mom. My bf had actually planned on getting me the cat print makeup bags and compact for my birthday, but they never arrived, so they shipped them again for free, and again they never arrived and eventually they just sent him back his money. Oh well.. his mom found the compacts for me in Vancouver, which was very sweet of her! Not really impressed with F21 right now though.

And instead of a swatch on my hand...

Can you see those freckles? It must be summer time. What do you guys think of the flowers -  too much? I had some extras that I thought could be put to use... Well that's it folks :) Hope you enjoyed this post, it was nice to get away from wishlists for a bit, though I always enjoy putting them together. Hopefully with my new job I can actually buy some of the things I wishlist. :P Alrighty, have a good weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. I love Moroccan Oil! I've been regularly dying my hair for a few years and I can't believe how lovely the oil makes my hair! Great choice. :)

    Heather xx

  2. Love the pictures
    Body shop is a lovely brand :D I adore their lip balms ^_^

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